The Department seeks to ensure the continued delivery of quality education and engage in research broadly on banking systems and financial services that are pivotal to national development. To achieve this, the Department offers courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that equip students with academic qualifications, knowledge and a wide range of accounting, numerical, negotiation and persuasion skills required in rendering financial services that incubate sustainable business models and ideas and investment prospects for their personality development, society and the nation by extension.

The department is desirous of helping students build business development skills and it leverages theoretical and practical instructional engagements on banking and financial systems and their ethical obligations, development of technical skills through instructional innovations and research, consistent use of technology including management simulations and innovative software, creation of an understanding of how banking and financial activities affect the nation and may differ internationally, and ability to match banking and finance theories and techniques to specific situations in the society.

Graduates of this department can work as: Financial Analysts, Financial Manager, Personal Financial Advisor or Sales Agents, Financial Consultant, Loan Officer, Investor Relations Associate, Business Teacher and Credit Analyst among others. They can further render the following services among others: customer service, assets management, loan processing, budgeting, financial analysis, financial planning and services, accounts reconciliation, financial reporting and general sales.